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Top 5 worldwide bicycle races

Bicycle races are a standout amongst the most acclaimed games on the planet and can include the two people. Nevertheless, the most well known bicycle races all-inclusive are for the men. There are many bicycle races on the planet today, every one of them with various topics just as roads. The cyclists or riders who are searching for new triumphs and difficulties, which will adjust between the conceivable and inconceivable, these five celebrated bike races are definitive decisions.

Ironman challenge

This is an overall race. It includes a one-day long-remove marathon race which establishes of a 3.86 km swim, trailed by a 180.25 km bike ride and a 42.20 km run. The 16-hour race (by and large) is relentless and has no breaks to unwind and energize, which makes it an incredibly troublesome test for members.

Absa Cape Epic Cycling Competition

The race is open for expert mountain riders and novices, people just as veteran riders. A normal of 600 groups of two riders participate each year – all couples need to remain together until the finish of the race.

The Transcontinental Bicycle Race

For riders looking for an experience amid their relationship with street bicycle, and are prepared for a ultra-separate cycling challenge, the Transcontinental Race (TCR) is the best choice for you. This is a self-bolstered bike race crosswise over Europe call famously known as “a delightfully hard bike race, straightforward in structure however complex in execution”. It remains as one of the hardest ultra-continuance races on the planet. The clock stops just when the rider crosses the end goal, and there is no fixed course, simply obligatory checkpoints en route, so racers need cautious intending to pick the best streets and resting times.

Hero MTB Himalaya Bicycle Race

This is a yearly trail blazing bicycle race. This Hero MTB Himalaya began in 2004 and is around 500 km and 8 days in length, slicing through numerous startling landscapes and immaculate pieces of the Himalayas. The test lies in its definitely changing landscape types, from mud to sand, from goes romping to free racks. All the more critically, the Himalayan Rivers that the members must face amid the race.

Race Across America

This is a transoceanic bicycle ultra-long distance race over the United States. Open to beginner and expert racers, in solo, 2, 4, and 8-man hand-off groups, RAAM ranges 3000 miles, climbs 175,000 feet, and crosses 12 states. RAAM is one of the longest continuance occasions on the planet, regularly called “the world’s hardest bike race.” Running from the west coast toward the east shore of the United States, it additionally should be a standout amongst the most picturesque ones.

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What bike does lance Armstrong use?

Lance Armstrong served for 7 years as a Tour de France cyclist and did exceptionally well during those years. As such, he won several titles owing from his incredible performance as well as the fact that through him, the Trek bike sponsors experienced a period of dominance together with their carbon fiber Madone range. This was also the case for the Shimano, whose Dura-Ace group was used each year.

Bike of choice

Previously being a staunch user of the Trek line of mountain bikes, lance Armstrong has had a switch of bike use and is now featuring a new Parlee Z-Zero road bike. According to lance Armstrong, this is a beautiful bike having up to 15 lbs. He outted this information when he was in his bike store in Austin, Texas. The name of the bike store is Mellow Johnny’s drawn from the maillotjaune, which is a French word for yellow jersey.

Lance Armstrong’s the Parlee race bike brand is a very popular brand having been established by the famous Bob Parlee in Massachusetts approximately ten years ago. The Z-Zero is custom-made to order in up to sixteen semi-custom sizes, or in a full-custom geometry. According to the Parlee people, it is possible to adjust to tune the bike to suit the rider’s specifications and particular requirements.

In so doing therefore, lance Armstrong has managed to shift to a Shimano Dura-Ace 9070 group set in this way. Formerly, Armstrong had signed a contract with SRAM but the US component brand terminated it due to the disrepute in the revelations concerning Lance’s performance enhancers usage during his race in the Tour de France season of his life.


About the new Parlee Z-Zero road bike

The Parlee Z-Zero road bike features an unrelenting strife and focus put towards delivering what can be described as design efficiency, which directly translates to maximum performance for the rider. This ride is able to achieve a better acceleration as well as better tracking. It is lighter when it comes to weight and delivers unmatched durability when compared to other bikes. Reviews from the users reveal that the Parlee Z-Zero road bikes has a remarkable comfort. That is what makes PARLEE stand out.


The new bike that lance Armstrong is using is perhaps the best choice for him and according to riders’ reviews; it delivers all the mentioned specifications. The Parlee Z-Zero road bikes very exceptional and the perfect choice for professional cyclists.

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What is Lance Armstrong doing in 2019?

Lance Armstrong is known for having been a professional road-racing cyclist notorious for having participated in the grandest doping disrepute in as far as cycling is concerned. However, half a dozen years since his ban from cycling, Lance Armstrong has managed to revolutionize himself and become a positive societal influencer as manifested in his strife to tell the world about his life. In 2019, he has proved to venture into something new- Next Ventures

Lance Armstrong’s investment in Uber and how it influenced his 2019 project

In 2019, Lance ventured in to the Uber company y plunging in an investment of up to $100000 by means of lowercase financing. This was a wise move because it rescued his family from the brink of financial collapse. The threat to his finances is owed to the 2012 probe into his prowess in cycling that revealed the fact that Lance would use performance enhancing substances which aided in his exceptional performance in the tour de France. This scandal saw Lance’s titles for the previous races revoked as well as the loss of lucrative endorsement offers.

What comes with the new investment?

According to Lance Armstrong, the investment into the Uber Company has seen him reap a lot of benefits, giving him insight to what benefits venture capital has the potential to confer, an element that has seen him set up his own venture fund under the title of Next Ventures.

Next Venture

Next Ventures is a venture fund categorically set up to support newbies in sports, wellness, and nutrition and fitness arena. The first investment made by this venture fund is the portfolio-based company called Carlsbad, Calif.-based PowerDot. This is a 2.5-year-old maker of an app-based, smart muscle stimulation device, which is able to transmit electrical impulses to contract tender soft tissue. This helps cyclists and other athletes in the recovery process following the numerous exercises and workouts, which they may have subjected their muscles to.


As such, it is true to say that the past life of lance Armstrong have been instrumental in his 2019 venture which targets athletes of all kinds in a way that strives to make their life easier and better. This is because, having been an athlete himself, (cyclist), lance understands what workouts can do to the muscles in the recovery process and maybe, in his own way, this is a way of making amends for the disrepute he was involved in.

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Lance Armstrong Book Signing, Tucson

Every once in a while the road of life can take a wonderful turn and provide an unexpected warm fuzzy.  For me, yesterday was one of those days.  The man who owns more yellow jerseys that anyone else made a typical Tucson shopping mall the place to be for cycling enthusiasts by hosting a book signing of his new book, Comeback 2.0.

While December Sunday afternoons usually involve watching football, doing some Christmas shopping or just trying to stay warm, Tucson’s balmy weather cooperated for those willing to fight the holiday crowds and stand in line at Borders bookstore.  Besides those wanting to get the famous autograph on their personal copy, the store was cluttered with curious onlookers creating a strobe-like effect while documenting the exciting scene with their cameras.

Lance Armstrong, surrounded by security, was sitting at a table armed with a sharpie and his engaging smile.  The leader of Team Radioshack was looking extremely fit and tanned, wearing a black ball cap and a black “Mellow Johnny’s” T-shirt sporting a single red star in the center.  The star, representative of Lance’s bike shop and home state, also gives testament to the celestial-status attained by the legendary cyclist.  Yes, Armstrong is a star but he still takes time to share his successes and his infectious personality with adoring fans.

Just by chance, I was the last person whose book Lance Armstrong signed (see picture above; staff writer Todd Huff talking to Lance) .  It all happened very quickly as a tight schedule dictated his departure after almost an hour and a half of signing over 600 copies.  He was whisked out a back door as fans continued to snap pictures and voice well wishes for the future.  Their Tucson training camp almost over, Lance and his new team will continue to create excitement around town but the personal appearance will be cherished by many as “once in a life time”.

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