What bike does lance Armstrong use?

Lance Armstrong served for 7 years as a Tour de France cyclist and did exceptionally well during those years. As such, he won several titles owing from his incredible performance as well as the fact that through him, the Trek bike sponsors experienced a period of dominance together with their carbon fiber Madone range. This was also the case for the Shimano, whose Dura-Ace group was used each year.

Bike of choice

Previously being a staunch user of the Trek line of mountain bikes, lance Armstrong has had a switch of bike use and is now featuring a new Parlee Z-Zero road bike. According to lance Armstrong, this is a beautiful bike having up to 15 lbs. He outted this information when he was in his bike store in Austin, Texas. The name of the bike store is Mellow Johnny’s drawn from the maillotjaune, which is a French word for yellow jersey.

Lance Armstrong’s the Parlee race bike brand is a very popular brand having been established by the famous Bob Parlee in Massachusetts approximately ten years ago. The Z-Zero is custom-made to order in up to sixteen semi-custom sizes, or in a full-custom geometry. According to the Parlee people, it is possible to adjust to tune the bike to suit the rider’s specifications and particular requirements.

In so doing therefore, lance Armstrong has managed to shift to a Shimano Dura-Ace 9070 group set in this way. Formerly, Armstrong had signed a contract with SRAM but the US component brand terminated it due to the disrepute in the revelations concerning Lance’s performance enhancers usage during his race in the Tour de France season of his life.

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About the new Parlee Z-Zero road bike

The Parlee Z-Zero road bike features an unrelenting strife and focus put towards delivering what can be described as design efficiency, which directly translates to maximum performance for the rider. This ride is able to achieve a better acceleration as well as better tracking. It is lighter when it comes to weight and delivers unmatched durability when compared to other bikes. Reviews from the users reveal that the Parlee Z-Zero road bikes has a remarkable comfort. That is what makes PARLEE stand out.


The new bike that lance Armstrong is using is perhaps the best choice for him and according to riders’ reviews; it delivers all the mentioned specifications. The Parlee Z-Zero road bikes very exceptional and the perfect choice for professional cyclists.

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